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With VortexBox you can store your music collection across multiple drives.

The first thing you want to do is install VortexBox on a single drive and fill all the remaining space with the storage partition.

Installing VortexBox 2.4 from an image

Once your have VortexBox 2.4 installed on your primary drive your data will be stored on your /storage partition.

Now you will want to expand the /storage LVM (logical volume manager) partition to span multiple drives.

Usually your primary drive is /dev/sda and your second drive is /dev/sdb

fdisk -l

will show all the drives and partitions you have.

The first step is to create an LVM on your new second drive. This command will create an LVM partition called /dev/sdb1. You may need to use a different device name if your second drive is not /dev/sdb /dev/sdb

Now you want to add /dev/sdb1 to the /storage LVM. This command will add it /dev/sdb1

Now your should reboot to make sure everything mounts OK.

If you want more then 2 drives on your storage partition you can keep using these steps to add more drives. Keep in mind if any of the drives fail you will not longer be able to mount the /storage partition.

NOTE: A good backup of your data is required!

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