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Installing VortexBox 2.4 from an image

VortexBox 2.4 (for 64 Bit Processors only) is released as a USB boot image. We will be releasing it in more formats as time goes on. To install it on a target PC first you need to download the image, unzip it onto a Fat32 USB key, and make it bootable. VBA 2.4 is based on Fedora 23 so compare processor and MOBO requirements to Fedora 23. Minimum Requirements: Processor 1 Gigahertz x86_64, RAM 1 Gigabyte, Operating System 10GB HDD space, Video 800 by 600. Recommended for VBA: RAM 2 to 4GB RAM, 30GB OS partition. NOTE: The Windows PC making a bootable Key does not have to be 64 Bit, but when making the Key Bootable you must choose the makebootXX.bat file for the OS of the machine making the Key Bootable. Example: When making a Bootable Key on a Windows 95 32 bit machine the choice is makeboot32.bat even though the target PC MUST be 64 Bit.

Here are some instructions on how to do that.

Installing i386 images on a USB key

Once the image is installed you need to expand the root partition and then fill any remaining drive space with a /storage partition.

more info on that here

Installing VortexBox 2.3 or VortexBox 2.4 from an image

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