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Hacking your VortexBox

A basic install of VortexBox can be administrated from the web user interface. You don't need to know anything about the underlying Linux operating. VortexBox is good for ripping CDs and playing music. But under the web interface VortexBox is running Fedora Linux. You can gain command line access to your VortexBox, install extra programs, new features, and make changes.

While this makes your VortexBox very flexible it's possible while hacking your box you will stop it from working. If you mess something up try and go back and remove the change you made. if you can't figure it out post in the user forum, describe the change you made and somebody will help you. If all else fails you can always rebuild your box from scratch and restore your backups.

When hacking your box always make a backup first!

Accessing the VortexBox command line
File system hacks
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