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How to install the System Information page on VortexBox 2.3 or 2.4

The System Information page provides useful information about the VortexBox system configuration and status. It has been a useful feature in past releases of VortexBox. However, it is not available in the official VortexBox 2.3 or 2.4 releases.

Here's how to install the system infomation page (phpsysinfo) on VB 2.3 or VB 2.4. These notes show how to install the package. You can also add an icon for phpsysinfo to the VB GUI home page; see the last section for details.

Note: if you have a VB 2.3 VortexBox Appliance that uses the OEM repository instead of the Fedora repositories, these instructions won't work. You will have to switch from using the OEM repo to the Fedora repos. See for more info.

1. Login to your VortexBox; see VortexBox Command Line.

If this is the first time you are installing the System Information page, continue with step 2. If you are upgrading to a newer version from a previous install, skip to step 5.

2. Install the hddtemp and lm_sensors packages:

VortexBox 2.3:

yum install hddtemp lm_sensors

VortexBox 2.4:

dnf install hddtemp lm_sensors

3. Enable and start the hddtemp daemon, which monitors hard drive temperatures:

systemctl enable hddtemp
systemctl start hddtemp

4. Detect sensors:


Accept the default (hit Enter) for each question (there are many!)

5. Download and install the latest phpsysinfo package (3.2.5 as of February 2016). See to check for a newer version. If you are using a newer version, use that version number in place of 3.2.5 in the following instructions. Note: the line numbers in step 6 may be slightly different if you are using a version other than 3.2.5.

unzip -d /var/www/html
cd /var/www/html
rm -f phpsysinfo
ln -s phpsysinfo-3.2.5 phpsysinfo

6. Set up and edit phpsysinfo config file:

cd phpsysinfo
cp phpsysinfo.ini
nano phpsysinfo.ini

Note: use ESC-g to go to a specific line number in nano.

Change line 203 from




If you want Fahrenheit instead of Celsius temperature units, change line 172 from




Write the file (control-o) and quit (control-x).

7. In your browser, go to the VB GUI phpsysinfo page: http://vortexbox/phpsysinfo or http://vortexbox-ip/phpsysinfo; e.g. on my VBA.

Hopefully, you will see the System Information page. You can change the appearance of the page by selecting a template from the menu at the top of the page. There are 11 templates to choose from: aqua, blue, clean, cleansyn, cream, idash, jstyle_blue, jstyle_green, nextgen, phpsysinfo, and two. Try different templates and pick one you like. phpsysinfo is the default, but I like aqua better.

8. If you are happy with the display, and you have an older version of phpsysinfo (3.1.17) installed, you can remove the older version by

rm -rf /var/www/html/phpsysinfo-3.1.17

Use the correct directory name for the previous version installed on your VB if it's not phpsysinfo-3.1.17.

9. You can also delete the zip file:

rm -f

How to add an icon for phpsysinfo to the VB GUI

If you would like an icon for pypsysinfo on the VB GUI home page, you can edit the VB GUI code. Note that changes to iconlist.php will be overwritten when the vb-GUI package is updated.

1. Download the phpsysinfo icon:

cd /var/www/html/images

The icon:

2. Edit /var/www/html/libs/iconlist.php:

cd /var/www/html/libs
cp iconlist.php iconlist.php.official
nano iconlist.php

Add the following lines after line 34:

if (file_exists('/var/www/html/phpsysinfo/phpsysinfo.ini')) {
        $icon_array[] = array('location' => $loacation_count += 80, 'name' => 'System Information', 'icon' => 'psi_logo.png', 'link' => 'http://'.$ipaddress.'/phpsysinfo', 'newtab' => '1');
        $loacation_count += 10;

Write the file (control-o) and exit (control-x).

3. Save your changes so they can be restored after the vb-GUI package is updated:

cp iconlist.php iconlist.php.mine

4. After a vb-GUI update, check to see if there were any other changes to iconlist.php:

cd /var/www/html/libs
diff iconlist.php iconlist.php.mine

If there are no changes to iconlist.php other that the ones you made, you can replace iconlist.php with your version by

cp iconlist.php.mine iconlist.php

If there are other changes to iconlist.php, you'll have to redo step 2 on the new version of iconlist.php.

5. In a browser, go to the VB GUI web page http://vortexbox or http://vortexbox-ip. You should see the phpsysinfo icon with the label “System Information”. Click the icon. A new tab should open with the phpsysinfo page.

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