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After you have ripped CDs or added music to your collection you may want to move it's location, delete the tracks, or edit the info (metadata) for the tracks.

You can go to the VortexBox file share and access your tracks. You can move them or delete them.

If you rename the track or the folder it's in this will not change it's name in Squeezebox Server. The information about the artist, track names, and album etc is stored in metadata in the track. You can edit this with a tag editor such as mp3tag.

Once you have made all the changes you will need to do an Squeezebox Server rescan. This brings and the data about the changes back into the Squeezebox Server database.

Click on the Squeezebox Server icon then click settings in the lower right. You will be on the Basic settings tab at the bottom there is field called Rescan Media Library. Click on Rescan here.

If you have made extensive changes to your collection it's best to select Clear library and rescan everything from the drop down then click Rescan.

Once this is complete you can access your music in it's new location.

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