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How to Back-up to NAS

rsync from local to remote (push):

1. To sync /storage from local vortexbox to remote vortexbox:

rsync -av /storage/ [email protected]<remote-vortexbox-ip>:/storage

rsync will prompt you for the root password on the remote machine before doing the transfer. This does not delete files on the remote machine that are not on the local machine.

2. To make the remote /storage a mirror copy of the local /storage:

rsync -av --delete /storage/ [email protected]<remote-vortexbox-ip>:/storage

3. To not overwrite existing files on the remote /storage:

rsync -av --ignore-existing /storage/ [email protected]<remote-vortexbox-ip>:/storage

rsync from remote to local (pull):

4. To sync /storage from remote vortexbox to local vortexbox:

rsync -av [email protected]<remote-vortexbox-ip>:/storage/ /storage

5. To make the local /storage a mirror copy of the remote /storage:

rsync -av --delete [email protected]<remote-vortexbox-ip>:/storage/ /storage

6. To not overwrite existing files on the local /storage:

rsync -av --ignore-existing [email protected]<remote-vortexbox-ip>:/storage/ /storage

rsync with dry-run:

7. It's a good idea to try these commands using the “dry-run” option first, which shows what would be done without actually modifying any files:

rsync --dry-run -av ....

Once the dry-run looks good, then rerun without the “–dry-run” option to do the actual transfer.

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