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Tonido Server allows you to access all your files on your computer from a web browser, smartphone, tablet or even DLNA enabled devices. No setup necessary.

You get an easy to remember link to your computer. e.g.:

It is easy to get started, just install the Tonido Server software and run your own Personal Cloud.

See for more info.

Top 10 reasons to install and run Tonido 24x7:

-Secure, Private access to your data via an Unique Personal URL-Your files are on your Vortexbox. It'’s your own personal cloud with no monthly fees and no personal data on someone else’'s server.

-Manage your files remotely from anywhere

-Create an URL for any file and share -Instead of uploading files to external servers, you can use Webshare application to create an URL to a file and share the URL with your friends. You will still know who accessed your shared files and exactly when they accessed it.

-Stream your Videos -Watch your videos stored at home straight through your browser.

-Listen to your music collection from anywhere

-Manage your Finances with the Money Manager EX (MMEX) app

-Backup anytime/anywhere-Tonido Backup lets you backup files/folders to another computer within your home or even with another computer that is outside your home network.

-Your personal blog with the Thots app

-Oh and It’s Free and cross Platform -Available on Windows/Mac/Linux!

Here's how to install the current version of Tonido on VortexBox:

0. Login to your VortexBox.

1. Download the latest Debian package for Tonido:

rm -rf /tmp/tonido
mkdir /tmp/tonido
cd /tmp/tonido
mv download.php\?TonidoSetup_i686.deb TonidoSetup.deb

2. Unpack the .deb archive to get data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz:

ar -xv TonidoSetup.deb
ls -l

Note: If you get

bash: ar: command not found

then install the binutils package to get the /usr/bin/ar command:

yum install binutils

Then try “ar -xv TonidoSetup.deb” again.

3. Save the previous installation, if it exists. Skip this step if there is no previous installation in /usr/local/tonido.

/usr/local/tonido/ stop
mv /usr/local/tonido /usr/local/tonido.bak

4. Unpack data.tar.gz in / to create /usr/local/tonido, /usr/share/applications|menu|pixmaps, etc.:

cd /
tar -xvf /tmp/tonido/data.tar.gz

5. Start the Tonido server:

/usr/local/tonido/ start

6. To enable administration from a remote browser, stop the server and edit /root/tonido/data/configex.xml:

/usr/local/tonido/ stop
nano /root/tonido/data/configex.xml

Change the value of RemoteAdmin from 0 to 1. Write the file (control-o) and quit (control-x).

Then restart the server:

/usr/local/tonido/ start

7. In a browser, go to the Tonido web interface at http://vortexbox-ip:10001 to create account, configure folders, etc. You can also access the Tonido web interface at

8. To have Tonido autostart at boot, edit /usr/local/sbin/

nano /usr/local/sbin/

Add the line

/usr/local/tonido/ start

to the end of the file. Write the file (control-o) and exit (control-x).

9. Delete work files:

rm -rf /tmp/tonido

10. If you are happy with the new install, and want to delete the backup (if you created it in step 3):

rm -rf /usr/local/tonido.bak
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