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How to install LMS 7.9 nightly from Slim Devices repo on VB 2.3

The standard version of Logitech Media Server on VortexBox 2.3 (Fedora 20) is LMS 7.8. Some users want to use LMS 7.9 on VB 2.3 to get new features and other enhancements in LMS 7.9 that are not in LMS 7.8. For example, the “Don't Stop The Music” feature is only available in LMS 7.9 versions that are newer than June 16, 2016.

One way to get LMS 7.9 onto VB 2.3 is to install the Squeeze Community repository, and update to the LMS 7.9 version from that repo. See How To Install The Squeeze Community Respository on VortexBox 2.3 and 2.4. However, the current version of LMS 7.9 (as of June 22, 2016) is older than June 16, and does not have the “Don't Stop the Music” feature.

The Squeeze Community repo will soon be updated to have a newer version of LMS 7.9, and using the Squeeze Community version is preferable to installing LMS 7.9 from the Slim Devices repo, since the package structure of LMS is the same for both the VB 2.3 repo and the Squeeze Community repo. This simplifies VortexBox updates.

For now, to get the “Don't Stop the Music” feature, you'll have to install LMS 7.9 from the Slim Devices nightly repo. Here's how to do it:

1. Login to your VortexBox. Note: Many of these CMD Lines are long and you must click on the actual line and Arrow right to see all the Code.

2. Remove current version of LMS. Enter

rpm -e --nodeps logitechmediaserver logitechmediaserver-CPAN logitechmediaserver-vendor logitechmediaserver-firmware-ip3k

3. Restore the LMS server.prefs file:

cp -a /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/prefs/server.prefs.rpmsave /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/prefs/server.prefs 

4. Install LMS 7.9 from Slim Devices nightly repository. Enter

yum install 

This is the currently nightly version as of June 21, 2016. If you install on a later date, pick up the current RedHat RPM package from Copy and paste link to RedHat RPM in above “yum install” command.

5. Restart LMS:

systemctl start squeezeboxserver 

6. Check LMS status:

systemctl -l status squeezeboxserver 

7. If LMS is up and running, go to http://vortexbox-ip:9000 in your browser to get the LMS web page.

8. This version of LMS should have the “Don't Stop the Music” option on the LMS>Settings>Player pages.

NOTE: If MusicIP plugin isn't working, just select it on the Settings→Plugins page, restart LMS and do a rescan so that it picks up the songs.

Hat Tips to Forum Members Ron Olsen for Code and Treble101 for testing and finding MusicIP solution.

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