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   * [[How do I add a second drive to my VortexBox]]   * [[How do I add a second drive to my VortexBox]]
   * [[How do I Setup a Static IP Address]]   * [[How do I Setup a Static IP Address]]
 +  * [[How do I Back-up to NAS]]
 +  * [[CD How-To'​s]]
-Older versions of VortexBox+=====Installing add-on packages=====
-  * [[How To  Install Tonido on 2.3 VBA]]+  ​* [[AirPlay support]] 
 +=====How To Install Non-Standard Packages===== 
 +  ​* [[How To  Install Tonido on 2.3 VBA|How To Install Tonido (2.3)]] 
 +  * [[How To Install Phpsysinfo on VortexBox 2.3|How To Install Phpsysinfo (2.3 and 2.4)]] 
 +  * [[How To Install the Squeeze Community Repository]] (2.3 and 2.4) 
 +  * [[How to install LMS 7.9 nightly from Slim Devices repo on VB 2.3]]
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